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There is a reason that many thousands of dental professionals personally recommend the BURST brush. “ITS ABSOLUTE CLASS.” Obviously being my own company I am not biased huh? Well.. of course I am. So instead of taking my word about it here check out the reviews from thousands of Hygienists.

In short, though, we have spared no expense in using the highest quality materials, sourced the highest quality components and created a product that is equal to, if not better, than anything else on the market. The difference with BURST is that we charge a price that is accessible to ALL. We haven’t achieved this price by cutting corners on production but through our unique business model, we ship products direct. This means that there are no middle men, expensive advertising campaigns and large mark ups going on through the chain.

We are also consumers like you and don’t like being over charged for one of life’s necessities. That’s why we feel we are charging a FAIR price. Also, being consumers we like something looking good on our bathroom counter and hence, why we really made an effort to create something beautiful. This is a sexy brush, for sexy people!

So, we’ve received a lot of attention surrounding our black bristles. ‘That’s not what a normal head looks like.’ Well no, but if BURST had a middle name it certainly wouldn’t be ‘conventional’. We like to challenge the status quo and not just accept what others before us have done.

After putting our little ‘heads’ together, we came up with the idea of coating our bristles with binchotan charcoal.

I know, sounds delicious right? But trust us, you won’t taste anything out of the ordinary; you’ll just reap the benefits of our intense thinking and the effort required to trek into the hills of Wakyama, Japan, where we source this particular grade of charcoal for you beautiful people.

To shuffle between modes, press the power button in fast succession. The first mode is whitening at 33,000 sonic vibrations, our second mode is sensitivity mode and the third, lowest mode is massage.

An industry high 33,000 Sonic Vibrations per minute blasts away your plaque.

We love dentists and think they’re the world’s biggest heroes. We consult them on everything; from best gum practices, to odorous bad breath and even, at times, the barren state of our love lives. Now, they’ve told us that everyone should brush their teeth for at least two minutes, so (you guessed it) we installed a two-minute timer which switches your brush off when you are finished.

Because we love your mouth so much, every BURST brush is installed with a Quadinterval timer. Quadinterval – sounds nerdy, right? Well, it is.

This fancy bit of kit is here to make cleaning your teeth even easier.

Every 30 seconds our brush will double vibrate (saucy, huh?) to let you know to move to the next quadrant of your teeth. This way you won’t miss even one of your pearly whites. Bye, bye cavities and hello gorgeous.

Many years of clinical studies by more impressive people than me and all with a penchant for white lab coats, have concluded that statistically, a sonic powered toothbrush will remove between 6-7X more plaque than a regular manual brush. Its all time that we move across into the 21st century and look after your teeth in the way that they deserve. We know that up till now, this hasn't been easy, as the price has always been so high. That’s why we invented BURST, to solve that problem.

Absolutely not! Over time a lot of people have formed the belief that unless they scrub aggressively at their teeth when brushing they aren't cleaning their teeth properly. This is simply WRONG! Aggressive brushing habits damage your gums. That is why we installed our particularly soft charcoal bristles onto the brush. Your gums are safe and healthy with BURST! If you still push down a little harder when you brush then drop the toothbrush into our ‘sensitive’ mode (31,000 sonic vibrations per minute) and you are good to go.

Confession here, I love to brush my pearlies in the shower (yes, our product is water resistant) so after cleaning myself, my teeth and performing all my other showery necessities (don’t ask), I then rinse off my favorite toothbrush. If you are more a ‘mirror’ brusher and like to stare deeply into your own eyes while brushing then just rinse off under the tap. I suggest removing the head and cleaning the metal rod below. Nasties have been known to slide into there. YUCK!

Ones mouth and bathroom aren't always the most sanitary places so try to clean your brush at least once a week. Its up to you of course but for those that haven't heard the old adage is ‘ cleanliness is next to godliness’ and who doesn't want to have superpowers these days!

We have installed a top of the range 700mh Lithium battery into our brushes. No, it wont jump start your car BUT… If you clean your teeth twice a day (which you should) you should get around 4 weeks battery life out of each charge! Impressive huh?

When plugged in, the plus sign on the base will illuminate in red. When the brush is done charging, the light will simply turn off.

The red light on your brush will illuminate while charging. When it's done charging, it will turn off.

Having spared no expense in crafting this beautiful device we’d love to tell you this will never happen and that your toothbrush will last you longer than your favorite pair of Crocs – but we’re realists over here. There may come a time that your toothbrush does expire. Here at BURST there’s none of this warranty baloney, if you’re subscribed with us we will ALWAYS send you a new brush and replace your tired companion.

Just reach out to us here and we’ll send you out a prepaid envelope for you to send it back to us. When we receive it we’ll send you a new brush so your teeth can continue to feel the love.

We suggest you change your brush head every quarter, which is why our subscription runs every three months.

Yes. The soft bristles are perfectly safe with braces.

Two years standard but while you stay subscribed it’s WARRANTY FOR LIFE

Yes and I can assure you, it’s very relaxing

You can click contact support on the app or email and someone will be with you in a jiffy!


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Why are we doing this? Good question. It’s because when we put your replacements all in one box, we save on packaging. We then pass the savings on to you!